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Planning Your Next Landscape Project

Updated: Aug 16

I’m always amazed how many people call us every spring looking for us to design, estimate, find plants and install their landscape project all within a couple weeks.When I call potential clients back they are often surprised or disappointed that we can not accommodate their needs. The fact is, great gardens aren’t created over night with a snap of a finger.

Great gardens take time to design, estimate and install. Once the first warm days of spring come, we are typically booked through spring and early summer. Talking to a lot of my colleagues, that’s pretty common with their companies as well. The fact is, most talented landscapes companies are booked in advance with the largest backlogs happening in the spring. At Brass Lawn Care, it’s common for us to start booking spring jobs in the fall of the previous season.

That scheduling works out well because we can spend the fall and winter designing all of our spring work, so when the warm weather arrives, we can focus on garden installation. If you’re looking to install a new landscape or outdoor environment on your property, please realize that there is a process to go from an initial meeting through the design process to a completed landscape. That process takes time and involves a minimum of a couple meetings and a lot of office and design work. Any good company will have a healthy backlog for most of spring.

As a consumer, I’d question why a company can jump on a project that quick. It would definitely raise a question in my eyes. If you’re interested in having a new landscape installed first thing in the spring, fall and early winter is when you should be in full design and decision mode.

With that being said you may ask yourself, "Where do I start?" Check back in my post above this to see what you can do to better prepare yourself and your landscaper in an efficient manner.


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