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Landscaping  &  Construction

Our expert landscape designers will be dedicated

in providing what you want for your landscape. 

Our head designer will work closely with you. Exploring many design options, discussing the

work schedule and budget. 

Here at Brass Lawn Care we know times are hard

and will work within the means of your budget. Everyone deserves to have a beautiful yard. 

Landscape Services

  • Edging, Trimming, Pruning 

  • Gardening/ Garden Bed Installation 

  • Sod & Grass Seed Installation

  • & MORE!

Construction Services 

  • Paver Installation 

  • Retaining Wall 

  • Deck & Patio 

  • Pergolas 

  • Fireplace/ Fire pit Areas

  • & MORE!


Flagstone Patio


Bush Trimming

Brussels Patio & Sitting wall Installation


Carefully picked by landscaper

Stamped Cement Installation

Pergola & Fireplace


Marble Patio Paver &

Planters Installation

Holland Multi-colored Paver Installation

Patio & Seating Wall Installation w/ pillars & lights

Patio w/ pillars & seating wall w/ stepping stones

Curve Installation & Mulch

Deck Installation

Patio Installation w/ seating wall

Sod Installation with stepping stones

Paver Driveway Installation

New flowerbed installation with new mulch and edging

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